stationary tack trunks for the barn


Stationary Tack Trunks

At SaddleLockers, we realize that each barn has it’s own unique requirements. Maintaining efficiency and order is essential to help your barn run as smoothly as possible. Our Stationary Tack Trunks and accessories help create a workspace that is both functional and attractive, while providing a safe environment for all of your valuable tack and equipment.

Platinum Tack Trunk Collection

platinum stationary tack trunks from saddle lockers

Organized, secure, spacious and functional. SaddleLockers understands the importance of a clean, organized tack room, no matter what discipline you ride.

Prestige Tack Trunk Collection

prestige stationary tack trunks from saddle lockers

Versatility, style, foldability, security. SaddleLockers integrates traditional elegance with modern technology, bringing you the best in tack storage solutions.


stationary tack trunk that folds

Organized, Foldable & Secure

  • Made of rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • Feature a three-point lock to keep your equipment safe
  • Fold down to 7″ wide when not in use
  • Designed for equestrians, by equestrians
  • Come with shaped bridle holders, hooks, adjustable shelves, and saddle racks.

Frequently Asked Questions

      • What does a SaddleLocker Tack Trunk come with?
          • It depends on the size of the locker. All lockers (except the 20″ lockers) come with adjustable shelves, shaped bridle holders, hooks, and saddle racks.
      • Can I put wheels on Stationary Tack Trunks?
          • Yes, SaddleLockers does offer caster wheels. However, Stationary lockers are meant to be in a barn or tack room. Casters are meant to be used to move your locker to clean it, etc. If you are looking for a locker that travels with you, please see our Mobile Tack Trunks.
      • Is there assembly required?
          • Some. When you receive your locker, it will be folded down to 7″ wide. You simply have to unfold it and lock the top on (instructions are included with each locker).
      • How much do they weigh?
          • SaddleLockers tack trunks are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, and vary in weight depending on locker size. They run anywhere from 70lbs- 200lbs, and when folded with equipment removed from them, they move easily with a dolly. This, along with the three-point lock system, creates a deterrent for thieves.
      • I ordered more than one locker. Do they share the same lock/key?
          • Each SaddleLocker has it’s own unique lock/key. The reason for this is because all lockers have the option of being sold separately. If any locker shared the same key, there is a chance that someone else would have the same key as you, therefore compromising security.

Let Us Design Your Dream Tack Room

We recognize the importance of a clean, organized, efficient and beautiful tack room. SaddleLockers is happy to provide drafting and design services to help your dream of the perfect tack room come to life! Give us a call at (248) 630-2050, or e-mail us at


BARN OWNERS: Are you looking for an easy solution to tack storage for your boarders? Look no further! We find that many barn owners have created a gorgeous tack room space with SaddleLockers, and then “rented” the lockers out to boarders for a monthly fee. An investment that pays off!

Let us help you find the perfect tack trunk.

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